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Located on the North Shore, Albany Heat Pumps provides a range of services throughout the greater Auckland area. As registered Master Electricians, we are fully qualified and licensed for all aspects of electrical work from Heat Pump Installation, Heat Pump upgrades, right through to general electrical work. When you need a reliable team for fast solutions, you can trust to us. All our work is Safe Power Assured.

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Best Sellers

All of our Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu heatpumps are on special – These prices are fixed while stocks last.

Mitsubishi Wall Heat Pump


RRP$ 1998.00 + installation $800.00 for standard installation

Price: NZ$1850.00 + installation * standard installation is $750.00*

Optional Wifi :$220.00 instead of $250.00

Mitsubishi Wall Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric R32 GL25 High Wall Heat Pump Small Room

RRP: NZ$ 1398.00 + installation * standard installation is $ 800.00*

Price: NZ$ 1350.00 + installation * standard installation is $750.00*

Optional Wifi :$220.00 instead of $250.00

EcoCore AP 50 High Wall Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric EcoCore AP 50 High Wall Heat Pump Installed

Built-in Wifi

RRP: NZ$3086.00+ installation * standard installation is $ 800.00*
Price: NZ $2240.00++ installation * standard installation is $ 750.00*

Super Specials

Mitsubishi Wall Heat Pump


RRP $1998.00 + installation $800.00 for standard installation

Price: NZ$1850.00 + installation $750.00

Optional Wifi :$220.00 instead of $250.00

Mitsubishi Floor Console Heat Pump


RRP: NZ$2800.00+ installation $800.00 for standard installation

Price: NZ$2200.00 + installation * standard installation is $750.00 *

Optional Wifi: $220.00 instead of $250.00

Black Diamond LN50 High Wall Heat Pump with HyperCore

Mitsubishi Electric Black Diamond LN50 High Wall Heat Pump Installed

Built in Wifi

RRP: NZ$ 3990.00 + installation $800.00 for standard installation

Price: NZ$2650.00+ installation * standard installation is $750.00 *

Ducted PEAD 71 Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted PEAD 71 Heat Pump


Optional Wifi

Call now about the new wifi capabilities available on any Mitsubishi Electric model.

Every home is unique so for expert advice on what is best for you call 0800 927 628.

*All prices include Gst

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